Hey Guys, this is my very first blog so be gentle with me!!(LOL) Hey, if you could spend one day or night with any one or group of Lost characters who would they be? I'd have to answer this way. I'd like to hang out with Liam and Charlie and party with them before a Drive Shaft Concert then attend the concert and party afterwords. Or I'd like to hang out at the beach with Kate, Shannon, and Nikki. (Although they are probably sick of beaches by now!) then we would go clubbing at night and dance, drink, and flirt with all the cool guys. As for an individual date, although he's about 40 years older than me, I'd go out with Frank! I mean he's a pilot! We could fly to Paris for dinner at the Eiffel tower, then over to England to take a walk through the fog in London and be back home in time for breakfast on the beach! That would be cool! SO who would you like to hang out with and why? Thanks guys!:)

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