OK...Me of all people is now officially LOST!!!! I am going with my idea of the Gods trilogy...The classic battle of the Gods and their half-God/ half-Mortal offspring's!!! The Gods are Zeus (Jacob)- “the God of land & sky”…Poseidon (the shark…TBD) “the God of the seas” …and Hades (MIB) “the God of the underworld”… They ...want us to think there is only a struggle with 2 main characters…I think there are 3… Their journey is to see if their offspring's make the journey to enlightenment. I believe we have only seen Jacobs’ offspring's… he visited each of them in different times in their lives. We will next see who MIB picks, etc… It takes reincarnation to reach a different “Bardo's” or Levels. The game is to see who can make it to the final phase… Enlightment and Nirvana. More to come each week....

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