This is further information to link LOST story line to the "Book of the Dead"

Further research shows that they prepare alive people for this journey! It is called 'the Great Liberation by Hearing'. It teaches you meditation on the deities of the mystic path of the mantra, (both in the) visualizing and perfecting stages, while living, will be of great influence when the peaceful and wrathful visions dawn on the Chonyid Bardo. They have to train, hold it, read it, commit it to memory, bear it in mind properly, read it regularly trice; let the words & meanings be very clear; it should be so that the words & meanings will not be forgotten even..... It goes on to say 'the Great Liberation by Hearing', because even those who have committed than five boundless sins are sure to be liberated IF THEY HEAR IT BY PATH OF THE EAR. Therefore read it in the midst of vast congregrations. Disseminate it. Through having heard it once, even though one do not comprehend it, it will remembered in the Intermediate State without a word being omitted, for the intellect becometh ninefold more lucid (there). ‘LIBBERATION WILL BE WON THROUGH SIMPLY NOT DISBELIEVING IT UPON HEARING IT. THEREFORE TREAT THIS DOCTRINE VERY DEARLY: IT IS THE ESSENCE OF ALL DOCTERINES’ This PROFOUND TEACHINGS liberates those of great evil KARMA through the ‘SECRET PATHWAY’. By this select teaching, one obtains Buddhahood at the moment of death. Where the Buddhas of the Three Times (the past, the Present, & the Future) to seek, they could not find any doctrine transcending this.

Thus is completed the Profound Heart-Drops of the Bardo-Doctrine, called the Bardo Thodol, which liberates embodied beings.’

Please read my other theory The Tibetan “Book of the Dead” and it’s relationship to LOST By Jane Slates

Much, Much more connections to come!!!!!

Some side notes: Libberation = character "Libby" Enlightment = character "Ethan" Disseminate = Desmond (Disseminate-verb to become widely known; spread information)

Namaste, Jane Slates

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