• Meggo87

    Back to the Theories

    February 10, 2010 by Meggo87

    SO since last night there has mostly been widespread complaining about "What Kate Did". While certainly not going on the list of best episodes of all time, there were still a lot of questions raised. These ones are about time travel, which has not been talked about a great deal since LA X premiered.

    First, Claire is back! I personally am super excited about this, and secretly hope that somewhere Charlie is with her. BUT this does raise a question about time travel. It was certainly implied that it was not Rousseau setting those new traps ("she's been dead for years") and made to seem like it was Claire. However, these traps are appearing in the modern timeline. Thus, logically it seems that Claire did not travel back with the Losties throug…

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  • Meggo87

    Ms. Paik?

    February 4, 2010 by Meggo87

    Okay, I looked pretty far back and I did not see a major discussion on this topic yet

    I spent a little while with my DVR today and I noticed 1) that Sun was called Ms. Paik and that 2) it does not appear that either Sun or Jin had on their wedding rings. Is it possible that they are not married in the other timeline? What could be the purpose of this if it is true? It is possible that they take off rings while flying or that they only called her Ms. Paik as a mistake, but on LOST very few things are coincidence. (except for lasagna of course)

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