I do think the writers are going leave us hanging on a lot of things. I kind of of hope so, the magic isn't as cool when the trick is revealed. I say "Leave us a little mystery, and please no aliens!"

This is from an old EW interview.

Did Desmond's failure to press the button REALLY cause the plane to crash — or is there more to this story? LINDELOF: In terms of the pragmatic reality, Oceanic 815 never would have crashed had Desmond pushed the button. But is there a larger, more faith-based, spiritualized reason that these people happened to be on that plane when he failed to press the button? If Desmond hadn't run into Jack at that stadium, would he have made the same choices that he made in his life? They all impact each other's lives. The fact that that guy is on that plane up there, and Desmond brings that plane down, it speaks to an interrelatedness among characters, why these people, why do they all connect. No amount of mythological answers will ever speak to this. That's the one thing that when the show ends, you won't have a causal explanation for why did all these people interconnect. Why some, why not others? The answer is just that they just do. The show is a massive Rube Goldberg device, in which all the components of the machinery are humans.

Just thought this was kinda cool.

Do you like the idea of leaving some mystery or would you prefer to have EVERYTHING explained?

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