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March 5, 2009
  • MedusaSpider

    Eye of Osiris

    March 5, 2009 by MedusaSpider

    The writers love to get us all excited about their choice for cultural references of the week. First it's Biblical references. Then it's Narnia. The Tempest. Watchmen. Through the Looking Glass. The list goes on. Now it's Egyptian symbols. Normally I wouldn't put too much stock in this but, I can't help myself. Old 4 toes is an Egyptian deity (apparently). The leading candidate seems to be Anubis since the mythology fits nicely. But let me point out one little item of weirdness. Egyptian paintings and sculpture often depict the eyes made up with thick black eyeliner. Remind you of anyone? Hint: Sawyer's latest nickname for the ageless Richard Alpert.

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  • MedusaSpider

    Enough said. No really. The only 2 people who have been seen in there enjoying Jacob's hospitality have been Christian and Claire. Both Shephards. Grandpa practically waved a flare at Jack to give him the shoes he needed. He's connected. Jack? Well we don't yet know how he's connected. Christian did make a special point of asking John to say hello to his son for him. And guess which of the O6 was the only one influenced by John's tilting at windmills? Jack. He and his whiny, monotonous "We have to go back!" kept John's crusade alive. Not certain which of the Shephards will end up being Jacob, but I'm willing to bet it will be one of them.

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