Is it just me or does Jacob seem kinda shifty??? He's shifty right? He has shifty eyes and sometimes when he's looking at Hugo I think those eyes give away a hell of a lot. The more i've seen him the more I get a feeling of distrust. I think the actor playing Jacob is playing him in a way very similar to the way Terry O'Quinn played MIB at first (i.e when we all thought he was still Locke but in fact he was MIB) Looking back on that now with what we know it is easy to spot that Locke was definitely not the Locke we had known for so long. I think a similiar twist is in store for us with Jacob and when we look back we'll see the subtle clues that this guy is not who we've been led to believe he isMd0u111d 07:04, March 6, 2010 (UTC).

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