I'm not sure if anybody has already addressed this but it's been bugging me. Am I correct in thinking that Locke told Jack that terrible things happened to the remaining island survivors after they left the island. What terrible things was he refering to? The time shifts and that guy getting shot with a flaming arrow? I originally thought he must have been talking about stuff that may have happened in the 3 years that had passed while Jack and the rest had been away but I realised that Locke wouldn't have known what the hell happened in those three years as he left soon after the flashes began. Also those 3 years seem to have been pretty good to Sawyer, Jin and Juliet as far as we know. Did he just use the 'terrible things' line as a ruse to get the O6 back? And another thing is that Alpert told Locke that in order to save the island from the time shifts he must get all his friends back. This has been proved to be untrue as the time shifts seemingly stopped the instant Locke turned the stuck wheel.

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