Ben was/is an Other right? I'm assuming he already knows Dogen, Lennon and the rest of the people hiding at the temple. Why are those people so scared of the black smoke and Ben isn't? They knew instantly that it was the black smoke that killed Jacob and knew the steps to take to keep it out of the temple. Then you have Ben summoning Smokey to kill Keamy's people and then actively seeking it out so he can be judged by it. In episode 3 we were informed that the temple lot also seem to know that Smokey 'claims' dead people. Don't you think it's strange that Ben didn't suspect the same thing with Flocke seeing as 1) Ben knows original Locke was definitely dead because he killed him, 2) Ben knows "dead is dead, you don’t get to come back from that" (well if you think that's true Ben you should have suspected Flocke was an imposter and erm, oh I don't know, possibly claimed by the thing that claims dead people!) and 3) when this Locke (who was dead but is now suddenly alive) starts telling you to kill the leader of the island-you still don't twig that this feels a bit fishy and he might be Smokey???

I can only sigh!!

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