aS YOU SEE, i'VE MANY questions about all this, and I coudn't work it out. can anyone give me a clue ?

1) why did''' ALL''' the oceanic six have to go back to the island? it can't be some twistede purpose of ben, as Richard and even Christian tell Locke they had ALL to go back, but another question comes to my mind, HOW DID FARADAY'S MOTHER KNOW THAT? and there's another :as Aaron DID NOT come back to the Island, why didn't any disaster happen? was it a lie? or a misunderstanding of a Jacob'will? and there's still another one:If they all had to come back to save the-ones-who-were-left-behind's lives, why did they stop dying when John turned gain the wheel? they liveed "in peace and quiet " for three years, so if the Oc. 6 hadn't come back they would still have been saved by locke,so they weren't as essential they were supposed to be! 2)and what about Sun ??? why didn't she travel in time ???

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