There have been recently too many lost fans -who I will call "TBTTBE" (whose meaning I'll explain later)- who have been too hostile to the ones who write some posts which they consider "sutpid","ridiculous", "pointless" "out of canon", etc... I have a few words for them, as this is causing nothing but trouble and it is misdirectioning the aim of this section of lostpedia.... Let's start precisely with the question: "What is the aim of the community blogs?" TO GIVE THE LOST FANS THE OPPORTUNITY OF EXPRESSING AND SHARING THEIR IDEAS TO THE WHOLE lOST COMMUNITY!!

So why these people present posts makin' fun of some people who post, insulting and discrediting them?

WELL, what they say is that "that theories are pretty stupid, because they are out-canon or just because they are too stupid (WHICH IS CIRCULAR)"

OK Maybe true that there are some theories that are too obviously far from canon, but they are the least, and their autors often are new fans which maybe haven't seen all the episodes... so in this case for a super crazy hard bad ass fan like the most of us,who has seen every episode at least once, they sound "stupid"...but considering what I 've said, the TBTTBE should be more tolerant and in any case have some TACT and say : PLEASE IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OR IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ENOUGH TO ELABORATE A SOLID THEORY PLEASE,DO SOME RESEARCH, JUST TO AVOID PROBLEMS"...

Then ,the majority of the theories that the TBTTBE call "stupid and ridiculous" are just either wrong because the authors simply didn't pay as much attention as others to some details of the show-which we all know are too many- or they just don't adjust to WHAT THE TBTTBE believe is right, and this ,BE SURE ABOUT iT , doesn't make them wrong at all, it only seems to make the TBTTBE sort of obtuse to accept other theories than what they believe.

Finally, supposing that these "stupid " posts were actually stupid, what gives the TBTTBE the authority to judge these good intentioned people?? Is there any Course of studies called "losthology" which the TBTTBE have taken and passed?? I don't think so , and that's why I call them TBTTBE( "thought by themselves to be experts") and they certainly are NOT experts, and nobody really is when it comes to Lost as we have confirmed every time we saw again an episode or read a post and discover new stuff every time, which is what makes of lost a really PIECE OF ART!


PS: anticipating some people I'll say frogive me if there's any spelling or gramatic mistake, I'm From Argentina..:P

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