It is said that Hurley was the one who gave the idea of the numbers in the Hatch, and I think it is highly possible that this is true, but, the people who support this also say that this fact is all the "magic" the numbers had, like there were no strange issues about them.... Let me remind you some facts that maintain that "magic":

1) the numbers weren't just a random selection of Hurley, he took the idea from his insane friend at Santa Rosa's Leonard Simms, and this guy had used the numbers with Sam Toomey, whose wife Hurley visits. She tells him about the suicide of his husband 4 years winning a prize...and the other one ended up crazy...I know that they heard the numbers from the Island in 1988,so Hurley of 1977 could 've brought about the numbers being in that radio wave, but there's still something odd about it.....why would be that? just coincidence those incidents?

2) This is connected with the first one... apparently, from what we know about the crazy guy and his friend- who used the numbers-,the numbers brought them very bad luck, but this could be just a coincidence, ...could it be, really?...the fact that the numbers allowed hurley to win the lottery (the same as Sam Toomey) and all the incidents that happened after that (let me number a few: a meteorite fell at his about-to-reopen Mr. Clucks, Johnny-his best friend- and Starla- a girl he liked - ran off together, the house he bought fotr his mother burned up, the death of Tito Reyes) makes me think there's somehin' more about them than just a coincidence....

3)I know this doesn't appear precisely on Lost - it appears in the alternate game "the Lost experience"- but I think the revelations made are connected with the actual story, -tell me if I'm wrong!-. the thing is that, as this game reveals, Alvar Hanso Himself- whose company the Hanso fundation created the Dharma Initiative- tell us in the "sri Lanka Video" that the purpose of the DI is to save the world, why is that? because, after the Cold War, Scientists worked on a way to study the influence of the humans in our own extinction, and this ended up with Enzo Valenzetti discovering a formula which could tell the exact moment of the human being complete extinction, and the numbers- 4,8,15,16,23,42- are the "numerical values to the core environmental and human factors", so what the DI is trying to do on the island is to change enough environmental and human factors to make that numerical values change so that mankind can be saved, or at least make our extinction happen later in time.

In conclusion, I think there's a lot about the numbers..... Open to any opinions and corrections

P.S : here's the link to watch the "sri lanka video" [1]

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