Charlies forsawn death

Maverickmac September 21, 2009 User blog:Maverickmac

After rewatching season 3 I was thinking about Charlies death and it struck me that his "deaths" were always related to saving or being around Claire. Was she the equivalant of the numbers for Charlie?


  • Being elecrecuted while sleeping in her tent - Italic textEvery man for himself
  • Drowning when trying to save Claire - Italic text Flashes before your eyes
  • Catching seagulls for Claires "rescue" attempt Italic textPar Avion
  • Taking an arrow in the neck while hiking to find the parachutisht Italic text Catch 22
  • Drowning in the Looking glass trying to get claire rescued Italic textThrough the looking glass

I did accidently post this somewhere else and it was deleted so i've forgotten some points i'll edit when I remember!

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