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September 19, 2009
  • Maverickmac

    At the moment what questions do you want to know the answers to most? I've cut mine to the leanest meanest (i'm sure there's 100s!)

    • what makes a candidate
    • who/what are jacob and mib
    • what happenend to dharma after to bomb?
    • why do ppl heal quicker on the island (Rose, Locke, Naomi)
    • what is the island?

    Sure i have my own theories to these questions (warring demi-gods, lost city of atlantis, fountain of youth...) but this post is about the questions YOU want answered!

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  • Maverickmac

    La X theory

    February 3, 2010 by Maverickmac

    to keep it short and simple...

    one word schrodinger's cat. That's what i think the bomb both worked and didn't work hence the island being sunk like the lost city of atlantis and also that it didn't work and they're all still on the island but have been time jumped back to their own timeline. But if i'm right does that mean that we'll have 2 endings or at some point will their alternative selves provoke an action that remerges them into one straight line again?

    Anyone else thinking the same also the pool of water - fountain of youth? (Richard)

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  • Maverickmac

    Lost reduced

    February 3, 2010 by Maverickmac

    This aired last week probably redundant to those lucky enough to have watched the premiere yesterday amusing netherless its the first 5 seasons condensed into 10 minutes those who saw it live got a nifty little oceanic airlines (me!)


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  • Maverickmac

    Season 6 teaser poster

    November 26, 2009 by Maverickmac

    I was looking at the season 6 teaser and the most obvious thing i noticed is that 'Locke' is facing the opposite way as well as jack, kate & sawyer are grouped together where as there are little splits amongst the others. I've theorized that Locke is facing the other way because he's not locke and also i think it shows that he is not with the other people in the photo he is their enemy and jack kate and sawyer will be the main force in season 6 does anyone else have any thoughts re this?

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  • Maverickmac

    case point in Theres no place but home rugby tackles Keamy, In the shape of things to come he rugby tackles Ben. In through the looking glass he tackles Karl and finally in house of the rising sun he tackles Jin my only conclusion is that he learned these great sports skills through rugby, will we see more Sayid tackling evil doers or even a flashback showing him in a match, I can only hope so

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