• Maumaurg

    Ok, here it goes

    February 11, 2009 by Maumaurg

    Some time ago, please help me anyone who has also seen it, i was browsing amongst all the websites related to TLE that i could... One of them, i can't remember which one, led me into some kind ok secret website... i remember thar it was related to some kind of science (a genetics or electromagnetics company site). I know that it was listed right here, in lostpedia. I dont know why, but i looked into the source code of that site's the main page, than i found another URL. It was some kind of site that has lots and lots of sketches, showing people (most of them asian people) in different ages... there has a drawing of someone aged 3, then the same person aged 15, then 25, 53, i dont know... many different ages. I never seen it again... And i…

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  • Maumaurg

    Theory about Thomas / Ben

    February 10, 2009 by Maumaurg

    I have a theory: Thomas (Claire's boyfriend, aaron's father) is, actually, Ben. Ben, when younger, traveled in time (to future) and got out of the island, met Claire in Australia and got her pregnant. Evidences: His (Thomas') paintings were inside the hatch (the swan). After we know that Charles Widmore lived on the island as a young men, is easy to figure out why he have one of the paintings in his office's wall. The name of the last episode (The Little Prince) says a lot too, and the final evidence is that "the client" os that lawyer is actually Ben. It's all pretty clear to me. Is it to anyone else?

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