So hes got this book, and hes gonna make sure its the last thing he reads before he dies so he says. Which could just be what he says.

Well when he gets out of jail, the guard is giving him his stuff and hands the book over. Desmond explains whats up with it to the guy and the guard says, "Well youd have to know when you were going to die then, wouldnt you." Or something, maybe i shouldn't use quotation marks, whatever.

Ok, Ive thought about this before but not for Desmond. I always thought about it with like Ben, or Widmore, Jacob, leaders basically. Knowing when they would die, a serious advantage for a leader. And ties up some loose ends about not being able to kill certain people, you can try but it wont work.

Maybe...this is what happens in the temple. Wow yup just thought of it right as I type. When you are "revived" or "saved" Ben style at the temple you witness your death or something.

So now I say, Desmond has already seen flashes before. Well before the island (but probably due to the island). In the sequence of his flashes he sees him reading, and then dying. I dont think Desmond's seen the temple though...but I feel like he will be brought back to the island quite soon (maybe he's just never left...)

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