I still want to know how they got this guy onto the island. He seems to say he was in a car accident, saw the emt, and bam hes on the island not dying (of those injuries at least). Ben specifically asked Richard to go get him. He seemed to be able to get him pretty quickly too, a day or two.

Whats interesting is that it was kind of HIS TIME to die. Like the accident was gonna just kill him anyways, course correction or something. Maybe you can't kill someone unless its their time. I think there are some people that know the circumstances of their deaths. Such as Ben, Widmore, Jacob, and perhaps the Nemesis guy. And that's presumably why we've seen scenes of people saying they wish they could kill someone, they just know thats not how (or more like when) it goes down. Maybe they have, at some point, time flashed to the future to the time of their death. Maybe that's important in a leader?

Or maybe its not the real Cooper at all. It's not like we haven't seen other peoples bodies inhabited by mysterious beings.

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