• Mattw1027

    When he turned the key to detonate the Swan the FST was created and he was in fact shot there.

    Evidence to this is his interactions with Eloise. Notice how she tries to control what he does and doesn't, and how she has an idea of what's going on. You can not marry Penny, don't change things, WHH. (but not really because this isn't the real world and Ellie knows this - shes worried about people moving on without her [ie Daniel])

    In the FST (post 815 not crashing), she also tries to control what Desmond does and doesn't. We see this in the party scenes where she reprimands Desmond for ignoring her.

    So it seems we saw the FST for the first time in Flashes Before Your Eyes.

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  • Mattw1027

    Rotational Velocity

    January 28, 2010 by Mattw1027

    Daniel said to think of the island like a record. Well i do...kind of.

    The island spins very very fast. It distorts the light around it, making it not visible as well as creating a time discrepency inside and outside. This accounts for the payload and the doctor washing up.

    You can cut right through the spin and get to crash right into the island but we know about the side effects and time discrepencys. or you can follow the right bearing and travel with the light moving with you, this will keep you in line with the real flow of time

    But there are different degrees or speeds of spin, all controlled by the wheel. The wheel adjusts the spin making it visible only at specific bearings that the light run around on. Think of a corona arou… Read more >
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    Everyone thinks the h-bomb might mean reset. noooooooooooooooooo way!

    Ben turning the wheel was a reset if you ask me. All the places we flashed to after that were then written into the timeline. Look at that, many of them are quite similar - course correction. But then some things did seem different didnt they.

    And what about the time in between the jumps? THAT is the tabula rasa.

    So everything that happenes happens, but if you blank something out not only will it course correct, you can tweak with it. add things here and there. first loop jacob brought black rock to try and stop the end from happening. didnt work, so next time he tried danielle maybe, failed again. next loop hanry gale, NO wtf?! How about desmond, bah!! 815, will…

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    Death and Time Loops

    December 11, 2009 by Mattw1027

    Just my random thought...well not too random cause its about LOST on a page called Lostpedia.

    Maybe anyone who dies ON the island is stuck in a time loop as a result. Anyone who dies OFF island is not stuck in a loop.

    Then I go on to say...

    Ben and Sun DO NOT die on the island. Hurley, Kate, Sayid, Jack, and many others (JACOB) DO die on the island. As such they are stuck in a loop.

    This is why some people go back to 77 upon return to the island, and some people dont. Its all about where they die.

    Now lets talk about John Locke... He was gonna die off island (no loop) after getting shoved out a window, but Jacob saved him and he came to the island. John Locke dying on the island is what Jacob wants.

    He was gonna die MANY times on the islan…

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    Desmond's Book

    December 3, 2009 by Mattw1027

    So hes got this book, and hes gonna make sure its the last thing he reads before he dies so he says. Which could just be what he says.

    Well when he gets out of jail, the guard is giving him his stuff and hands the book over. Desmond explains whats up with it to the guy and the guard says, "Well youd have to know when you were going to die then, wouldnt you." Or something, maybe i shouldn't use quotation marks, whatever.

    Ok, Ive thought about this before but not for Desmond. I always thought about it with like Ben, or Widmore, Jacob, leaders basically. Knowing when they would die, a serious advantage for a leader. And ties up some loose ends about not being able to kill certain people, you can try but it wont work.

    Maybe...this is what h…

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