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    LOST Monopoly

    June 25, 2010 by Master of Fossils

    So since I figured that they probobly won't make it, I decided that I would undertake a little project myself and create my own lost monopoly board. But I need a some advice/ideas. So what do you guys think the spaces should be? I have DHARMA stations as the railroads and both the airlines (815 & 316) for the utilities. I also have a preliminary list of locations for the "regular" property groups but I want to hear you guys' ideas first. After all, who better to ask than the LOST community?

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  • Master of Fossils

    Going into the Finale I've been looking back at the things I've enjoyed most about the series, one of such is Michael Gicchino's beautiful music. So discuss, what are some of your favorite scores from LOST?

    I am a fan of the well known tracks such as "Locke'd out again", "Life and Death", "The Constant", and "A Tangled Web", but another track I enjoy that is less appreciated is "Sweet Expose". The way that it captures the horror when Nikki opens her eyes just to be buried alive is just chilling. Plus the faster-paced sections are very catchy.

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  • Master of Fossils

    Anyone else think that the reason the officer on the black rock was so paranoid about freeing the slaves was because of the cabin fever that affected the freighter back in sesason 4? I highly doubt the ship came in on the right bearing and after remembering Keamy post-smokey attack it seems plausable. As I said in the title it doesn't really matter if he did or not, but you know us lost fans. Always have to get our theories out there.

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