Hey! I know it's been a little while, but I'm still here, so I'll keep on.

This episode, although not quite comparable to the preceding Walkabout, was still excellent. After all, it heightened the mystery with Christian Shephard and the discovery of the caves, introduced the first bits of interaction between Jack and Locke, gave us the Life and Death theme (which is beautiful) and also gave us the penultimate LOST catchphrase - "Live Together, Die Alone." What's not to love?

I'll admit that I gush, but the scene in which Jack tore open the coffin . . . and there was no body, was great. It was shocking, and his reaction seemed so wonderfully natural.

In my own personal LOST life, I've been embarking on a new journey that entails a bit of modelmaking and a lot of research. It started when I tried to determine the "in-universe" design for Oceanic 815.[[1]] That's over on The RPF, where I engaged in a bit of a "case study" to determine the design of 815, and just recently, 316.

This is getting a bit long, so I'll wrap it up, but I've got some exciting projects in the work pertaining to that above link and 815, so read it and enjoy. Until then!

"If we can't learn to live together, then we're gonna die alone."

- Master Tej -

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