So then. I know my last blog post was . . . not that long ago, but I'm actually really excited to start this one. This was a highly uplifting episode for Charlie's character development. I mean, for a show centered around character development, especially so at this point, it was great.

Although not quite at the same level of awesome in my mind as some of the earlier episodes, it was still great nonetheless, especially for Charlie's awesome emergence from the caves with Jack.

Now, to resume with my selection of the "Ideal Cast." One thing to add is that his only deals with survivors of the Middle-section, as the Cockpit only entailed Seth Norris, and the Tail-Section survivors remained consistent in the one episode they were in.

I established a set of rules earlier, but past the extras in all 6 Seasons, who are automatic inclusions, I needed a way to establish which extras I will choose.

So I have an unofficial "points" system that I use. Keep in mind that the word "unofficial" should be stressed here. There are things that an extra may possess which will make me more likely to choose them. These include:

- Being one of the original 33, and so visible at the crash scene.
- Being one of the extras in the Flash Sideways.
- Being a frequently recurring extra.

I don't actually keep points, I just count these towards them in my head.

To start out with, here is a list of all the main cast and significant other survivors.

Jack Shephard

Kate Austen

James Ford

John Locke

Sayid Jarrah

Sun-Hwa Kwon

Jin-Soo Kwon

Hugo Reyes

Charlie Pace

Claire Littleton

Michael Dawson

Walt Lloyd

Shannon Rutherford

Boone Carlyle

Rose Nadler

Leslie Arzt

Nikki Fernandez



Edward Mars

That brings the list up to 20 survivors.

On top of that, there's the named extras, most of who were named through main characters dialogue.

Barbara Joanna Miller (drowned on day 6)

Steve Jenkins

Scott Jackson

Sullivan (complained to Jack about his rash)





Now that's 28 survivors.

From the novels, ABC Diaries, Raft Messages, and LOST: Via Domus

Jeff Hadley

Faith Harrington

Dexter Stubbs



Janelle Granger

Chris Dobson

Sally Rafflethorpe

Robert D. West

Jake Smith

Bob Jones

Tracy (she was a raft message, not on the Oceanic Air website, but one that was read by Sawyer)

Elliot Maslow

This brings the total of survivors up to 41. You may notice, if you played Via Domus, that I have not listed Beady Eyes. I will get to my reasoning for this eventually.

Only 6 survivors are now unnamed, with the majority also already portrayed by their respective actors. Judging by the number of extras that are named but not seen (including Elliot Maslow), there is now space for 19 of the background cast. It's small, I know. But that's what there's room for.


The Original Background Cast

The rest of these posts will go with a point for one extra, with the idea being that I can conclude these by the time I get to the end of the Season 1 episodes. The rest will also be significantly less long now that I've outlined my guidelines.

The above, by the way, is a picture of the original 33 background cast. So this wiki claims, the creators of LOST were originally greenlighted for 7 extras, but then allowed to expand to 33, which they used in at least the first 2 episodes. Some stayed on, some didn't.

I'll end this post with my "required" ones - the extras who stayed on through six seasons. Some of them weren't from the VERY beginning, but they're in regardless.

Wayne Geiger

John Ludwig

Beth Merritt

Vera Stone

Kathy (Interesting note here: her page claims she has been on since Season 2, the Background Cast page claims she has been on since Season 1, evidenced by . . . a picture from the back. Debate? Perhaps.

There's also one more extra who was on for six Seasons - Chris Candella. However, he portrayed Craig, so he is already counted.

I'll wrap this up now. Until next time . . .

"Relax, choir boy. I bring you good tidings of great joy."

- Master Tej -

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