Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

One of the things I'm thankful for is definitely LOST. Although it takes up countless hours of my life, displaced Star Wars as my favorite series, takes money as well as time, and generally has become a huge obsession of mine, I still love it.

Take, for example, my current efforts to compile a complete and accurate list of all the surviving passengers of Flight 815. I've managed to narrow it all down quite a bit, with only 3 survivors from the Mid-Section unaccounted for. I'm doing it by name, not appearance. If somebody showed up by name, they're put in there. There's so many extras, as we all know, that doing it by appearance would create an enormous list.

Anyways, that's good for tonight. I've got to get to bed to be ready to decorate for Christmas tomorrow! Au Revoir!

- Master Tej -

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