This episode is always particularly exciting for me. It's this episode, along with the two after it, that really started to make LOST a mystery show. For me, the characters have always been the biggest part of the show, but taking into consideration the common thought that The Island is also a character, one can find the show both character driven and mystery inspired at the same time.

Although mysteries had already been opened up in the show up to this point (the black smoke, polar bear, french transmission, Locke, and Adam and Eve) the show started here to really gain that great LOST feel, if that makes any sense. It introduced so many new mysteries, all of which, I can happily say, were answered in the end, at least to my recollection.

Of course, the main plot thread introduced in this episode was the continuing one of Danielle Rousseau, and later Alex. One thing that's really neat is to watch this one with new considerations to the cable on the beach. Although I've no doubt that the show's producers had no idea what the heck they were doing with that cable, as with, well, most of the show, looking forwards, you can see yet another example of the continuing adaptable ingenuity of the writers and producers. They took it and made it something interesting that gave it an entirely new level to what we may or may not have thought, which is, in my opinion, what the writers of LOST did best.

And of course, those whispers.

And now, for the continuation of my survivors list. A quick note: in order to avoid possible confusion in the future I am going to start listing actors for the characters that are already established instead of listing their character names - that way, when I get to the eventual process of assigning the unseen characters to actors, the list will be completely prepped. Although perhaps this change in of itself will cause confusion. I dunno.

Anyways, to begin with, I'll include an obvious survivor who requires inclusion that I previously overlooked: Tourniquet Man. Ah, good old tourniquet man. Sounds like a superhero name. Portrayed by Dale Radomski, although he is only seen in his one scene of the Pilot episode, he still interacts significantly with Jack and Locke, and is mentioned on several other occasions by other characters, such as Boone later in the Pilot episode, or Faith Harrington in Endangered Species.

Next up is a character who has a name inferred through script - Beth. Portrayed by Marjorie Mariano, she was only in 3 seasons. But she's got dat name, so I'll include her. Now, with the new inclusions added (and going by actor names, per what I stated above) here's the updated list.

Matthew Fox

Evangeline Lilly

Josh Holloway

Terry O'Quinn

Naveen Andrews

Yunjin Kim

Daniel Dae Kim

Jorge Garcia

Dominic Monaghan

Emilie de Ravin

Harold Perrineau

Malcolm David Kelley

Maggie Grace

Ian Somerhalder

L. Scott Caldwell

Daniel Roebuck

Kiele Sanchez

Santoro Rodriguez

Fredric Lane

Sean Whalen

Kathleen O'Neill

Christian Bowman

Dustin Watchman

Scott Paulin

Chris Candella

Sean Douglas Hoban

Jim Mazzarella

Bryan Sato

Wayne Geiger

John Ludwig

Beth Merritt

Vera Stone


Faith Fay

Ivana Michele Smith

Pamela Larson

Marjorie Mariano

Dale Radomski

New total is 38, leaving only 9 to go. Awesome. Until next time, then.

"You'll find me in this life if not in the next one."

- Master Tej -

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