Open on an eye. It is that of Master Tej, a new editor to the LOST Wiki.

He looks to the side. A classroom wall is there - it's Third Block in Senior Capstone of his Senior year.

Stretching upwards, he pulls an object out of his pocket and looks at it. A flashdrive. Putting it away, he checks his side before grimacing.

The bell rings. Running out of the classroom, past people, around others, he finally emerges in a Band Room. In a moment, the sounds of screaming and a jet engine become evident.

Well, okay, I wish something as cool as that could happen to me. But I'm not Jack. And Senior Year is far from a plane crash.

Who I am is Master Tej. I love LOST absolutely, although I'm only just at the end of Season 5. My other interests include Star Wars, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future, in that order. I enjoy modelmaking, reading, watching and making movies, and playing video games.

Anyways, I'm really looking forwards to editing this Wiki. Thank you for reading ... and Namaste.

- Master Tej -

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