Alright alright alright! Hey everybody!

House of the Rising Sun . . . man, this continues in the string of Season 1 greats. The "what the hell?!" moment of Jin attacking Michael, seeing the relationship of Sun and Jin unfold (complete with the added bonus of a heartwarming love gone bad), and finally seeing Sun deciding to stay with Jin all made this one great. That last scene at the Sydney airport still gets to me, and, particularly, finding out Sun's speaks English . . . it was all great.

I'm going to start a personal project on here - figuring out the most logical cast of Oceanic 815 survivors. We already know a good many of them, our Jack's and our Locke's, but what about the background extras?

LOST originally started out with 33 background extras, making a total of 48 survivors with the main cast added in. However, problems quickly arose with this perfect number: we learned there were, in fact, only 47 suvivors (Ethan was the false 48th), extra characters (Arzt, Nikki, Paulo) were added in, and the background cast rotated, with old extras leaving and new extras coming, making for a confusing 70 some total of faces frequenting our beach camp.

And what about the named survivors who aren't known by face? Who do they correspond with? Oh my!

So here, I'm going to whittle through the background extras and decide on an "ideal" cast, the perfect selection of the most logical background extras, and try to pair them with named-but-unseen characters based on pre-existing information. To start out with, here are my guidelines:

Rule 1: This is all based on conjecture. I don't have authority of any kind, nor am I saying this is "correct." This is what I find logical, and if you disagree, start a discussion! I'll gladly engage in a debate over this.

Rule 2: I count all of the "deutercanon" material. It's mainly because I don't see enough reason to not count it. The novels? Counted. ABC diaries? Counted. The four "uncovered" raft messages on the Oceanic website? Counted. This also allows me to build a name database and fill in question marks on characters. Once again, if you disagree, let me know (politely, please).

Rule 3: Being an extra in 6 seasons counts you. Period.

Rule 4: Extras with speaking roles beyond background chatter, or who appear as a significant part in a significant scene, are counted. Even if they only appear in one episode.

I may add more rules to this as I go on. I dunno. I also know these aren't perfect, but that's okay. These are the guidlines I go by because I need SOMETHING to help me narrow this down.

With that said, this is getting rather overwinded, so I'll start up with actually naming characters on my next post. Until then, Au Revoir!

- Master Tej -

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