I gotta be honest guys, this was one of the lesser episodes for me so far. Season 1 carried itself beautifully up until this point, and although the episode was still good, it failed to measure up to the others before it, in my opinion. However, I have read that Sawyer's letter was originally intended to be a suicide note, and what they came up with, in my opinion, is more interesting.

As for my Flight 815 passenger list, my next thought was to include the ones notable to the fanbase - mainly, the ones who have been given nicknames, as they seem to hold a certain extra importance. To start with -

"Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl" - Faith Fay. She was only in two and one half seasons, but her sassy walk and wolf-whistle inducing shirt called attention to this extra. She was, however, frequently seen in Season 1, including being one of the "Original 33."

"N.D. Survivor" - Ivana Michele Smith. Named for her rather nondescript appearance around the camp, she was unfortunately only seen up until the end few episodes of Season 3. However, she is a bit significant in that she can be directly seen and heard talking with Charlie in "Man of Science, Man of Faith" about the Others.

"Blonde Casualty" - Pamela Larson. Rather unfortunately, she is mainly known for being one of the 3 redshirts amongst Locke's faction who was shot by the mercenaries at the Barracks. However, she also gains note for being around up until Season 4, and for *gasp* having an on-screen death. Interestingly, she also appears as a guest at Jack's wedding and a reporter, appearances which could make for fun connections.

Another note on this list - perhaps not the most logically, the way I went about compiling this list was to choose all the extras I thought most logical to use per my guidelines in the last post, and then to see if they fit the description or "felt like" they fit that of an unseen named character. Granted, if this unseen character had a description that fit another extra better, I would consider using them instead, but that's just how I did it. Thus, if you remove from my last list the named characters, here are all the characters who are named with an appearance, or were in all 6 seasons:

Jack Shephard

Kate Austen

James Ford

John Locke

Sayid Jarrah

Sun-Hwa Kwon

Jin-Soo Kwon

Hugo Reyes

Charlie Pace

Claire Littleton

Michael Dawson

Walt Lloyd

Shannon Rutherford

Boone Carlyle

Rose Nadler

Leslie Arzt

Nikki Fernandez



Edward Mars

Barbara Joanna Miller

Steve Jenkins

Scott Jackson






Wayne Geiger

John Ludwig

Beth Merritt

Vera Stone


Plus, with the new inclusions from above, that takes it up to 36, with characters from Via Domus excluded (don't worry, I'll get to them eventually).

"How's that for a tragedy? I became the man I was hunting. I became Sawyer."

- Master Tej -

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