Here concludes a trilogy of fantastic episodes that really hyped up the mystery. That slammed their metaphorical hands down on the table in front of them and made sure everybody watching knew this show was going to be a mystery show. In the context of modern television, this was actually a bit of a "risky" move, so to speak. I mean, drama shows as serious storytelling medium were still a young concept in the medium of film. In addition to that, such a mystery show that brought up questions as LOST did had never been done before. It was new to audiences, and seems like it would be something less likely to work, like it should have failed.

But it didn't.

I will say that this episode seems a bit less . . . plot heavy when compared to other episodes. Whereas other episodes typically had multiple plots going on at once with the main survivors, this one focused pretty solely on finding Claire and Charlie, with the other plots not separate but rather reaching out from it like spokes on a wheel. I'm not saying this didn't happen in other episodes: take "White Rabbit", for example, when the plot of finding water dictated the other plots. But the plots in this particular episode have just always seemed very centralized on one plot point, moreso than previous and later episodes.

The highlights of this episode, however, are still great. Namely, we find the first developments of the Locke-Boone relationship, which will eventually develop Boone from dependent Momma's boy to capable adult. We also see greater development in the Walt-Michael relationship, as Walt seems to genuinely care that Michael comes back safely. Finally, a huge amount of bonding for Jack and Kate, particularly over one of the more emotional scenes in the first season - Charlie's first death.

This scene can make you cry. It, as with anything else, depends upon what kind of person you are, but it's made me and several friends do just that. It was emotional, heartfelt, and seemed real. I honestly did not believe he would come back. Thankfully, however, he did and stayed for a little while. By the way, the track for this event on the LOST Season One soundtrack is called "Charlie Hangs Around". Me and a friend of mine can never get over how horridly morbid that is. I mean, geez!

This episode cap is going a little long, so I'll just wrap it up with three words. The freaking Hatch!

I can now happily say that I have reached 39 passengers in my "ideal" 815 survivors list. In order to move on choosing background cast actors who best represent the survivors shown onscreen, I'll again broaden my criteria: any actors who are in at least five seasons. I've already got ones in six seasons and ones in the Flash Sideways, so this is pretty much the next logical step. And it yields:

Easy Grabow (I dunno quite why, but I just really love his name)

Adelina Soares (I actually don't know why she's not already on the list, as she can be seen in the FS)

Steve Tanizaki

Wow! Three new survivors! It's really cooking now! Adding them to the current list yields this new one, which is 42 (whoa, numbers!) survivors long.

Matthew Fox

Evangeline Lilly

Josh Holloway

Terry O'Quinn

Naveen Andrews

Yunjin Kim

Daniel Dae Kim

Jorge Garcia

Dominic Monaghan

Emilie de Ravin

Harold Perrineau

Malcolm David Kelley

Maggie Grace

Ian Somerhalder

L. Scott Caldwell

Daniel Roebuck

Kiele Sanchez

Santoro Rodriguez

Fredric Lane

Sean Whalen

Kathleen O'Neill

Christian Bowman

Dustin Watchman

Scott Paulin

Chris Candella

Sean Douglas Hoban

Jim Mazzarella

Bryan Sato

Wayne Geiger

John Ludwig

Beth Merritt

Vera Stone


Faith Fay

Ivana Michele Smith

Pamela Larson

Marjorie Mariano

Dale Radomski

Rolf Burton

Easy Grabow

Adelina Soares

Steve Tanizaki

"All they wanted was Claire."

- Master Tej -

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