All in all it was a good episode filled with excitement, intrigue and drama.

But as always, some of the scenes has left me scratching my head a bit.

1. Anyone get the feeling Jacob could have just invited these people to the island and told them the circumstances and offered the job to his "candidates"? I mean, that's what he did anyway.

2. Funny that Jacob chose his candidates because they were flawed and lonely like him, yet he brings them to an island to have them take over his job as the flawed and lonely island protector.

3. I guess it wasn't just the wine, huh? Any liquid with the enchantment would suffice.

4. Widmore trusted Ben to hide him in his closet. Really?

5. Is Richard dead? He might have finally gotten what he wanted. Is it safe to assume Lapidus is dead?

6. I guess Sayid helped Desmond out of the well. Curious that Sayid was "claimed" but did a complete 180 by helping Desmond and those on the submarine. Nice comeback!

7. So Jack has "volunteered" to be the choice. Okay. So telling him the world is in peril and everyone he cares about will die is really offering a choice. It reminded me of when my Mom wanted me to eat vegetables as a kid and gave me the choice of peas OR carrots. I'd say that choice was stacked.

8. Jacob said they were all chosen because they were flawed. Well Jacob, there are like 6 billion people on the planet that are flawed. And a pretty large number of those are lonely. It had to be more than that right? Guess he could not have a lighthouse with 500 million names on it. Plus there is just not enough room on the island.

9. So now MIB does not want to leave the island, but according to Jacob wants to go back to the light. Umm...I think MIB has been there, done that. I get the feeling there is more to this story which is nice since there are like 2.5 hours left in the show.

10. Kate is still alive.

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