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June 7, 2009
  • MasterMathias19

    that there is a sociopath on the island named Ben Linus who is willing to kill everyone and anything on the island to keep it for himself?

    No wonder he was trapped on the island for 2000 someodd years.

    He just isn't that bright.

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  • MasterMathias19

    All in all it was a good episode filled with excitement, intrigue and drama.

    But as always, some of the scenes has left me scratching my head a bit.

    1. Anyone get the feeling Jacob could have just invited these people to the island and told them the circumstances and offered the job to his "candidates"? I mean, that's what he did anyway.

    2. Funny that Jacob chose his candidates because they were flawed and lonely like him, yet he brings them to an island to have them take over his job as the flawed and lonely island protector.

    3. I guess it wasn't just the wine, huh? Any liquid with the enchantment would suffice.

    4. Widmore trusted Ben to hide him in his closet. Really?

    5. Is Richard dead? He might have finally gotten what he wanted. Is it safe …

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  • MasterMathias19

    To be a candidate, you have to be like Jacob who does what he is told without asking questions. Crazy woman kills his Mom for crying out loud and feeds him some crap about not corrupting him. Anyway, Locke had fit that candidate bill perfectly, but he is dead. Jack seems headed to be just like Jacob by not asking questions and doing what he is told. He is the "new" Locke.

    That's perfect for the show because the writers want the audience to be just like Jacob. Listen to what you are told and do not ask any questions (cause trust us we don't have answers).

    Interestingly, about 85% of people view the world passively without much regard to asking questions, developing hypotheses, challenging established thinking or even thinking outside the box.…

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  • MasterMathias19

    This was taken from a poster on named reallyReneee

    Jacob and MIB's "mother" spent the whole episode building up to her replacement. Were lead to think she has chosen Jacob to replace her duties of protecting the island. But what if she actually chose MIB to replace her job as...wait for it...THE SMOKE MONSTER! The whole episode is about her manipulation on Jacob that eventually leads him to throw his brother into the light which turns him into the new smoke monster.

    She left the game on the beach to start a rivalry between the two boys. She used her "smokey" powers to appear as MIB's real mother and guide him to the others. She saw that MIB had all the qualities to b…

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  • MasterMathias19

    I have never referred to any of my brothers as simply an old "friend."

    The writers could have done better than this...

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