• Masliquin


    Claire - i could see her being on of those hot girls that are closet nerds, she probably has a collection of mint condition my little ponies she watches labyrinth with

    Sawyer - he's a loner that seems to be a wealth of TV, Movie, and Book knowledge

    Charlie - but wouldn't admit it unless he knew you thought it was cool


    Desmond - i could see him being the kind of guy that doesn't even watch TV, like jack nicholson

    Kate - I doubt she could sit still for an hour

    Jack - too busy doctoring+in spare time fall down drunk= no tv watching

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  • Masliquin

    there are other blogs about it, so i won't reiterate the problem itself, but here is a theory to reconcile it:

    if you go with the theory that the wheel chamber was dislodged from time like sawyer and crew were when the wheel was rocking back and forth, and that is why locke was able to fix the problem despite being there in a time before ben would have turned the wheel to create the problem in the first place. then this may be possible:

    the area dislodged from time is proportional to the problem in the mechanisms of the wheel, and this area may be big enough to encompass the entire island.

    the plot line would go thus: the smoke monster assumes the brothers form and rebuilds his wheel project. while testing stuff out, he uses too much water…

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