• Marvin Cand1e

    This Place Is Death

    October 10, 2009 by Marvin Cand1e

    "This place is death" is a quote from Charlotte prior to her untimely death due to the Island's lack of anchor to space time. In my opinion it is highly possible that that is not far from the truth. In my personal experience with the vast majority of all stories revolve around a climactic battle between good and evil. Throughout the story of lost it has been set that each and every survivor has an interesting set of skills to contribute to the well being of the people around them in one way or another. For example: even though Sawyer was a con-man, he is now a good person who will do the right thing even if he has a feeling it could go wrong. Sayid was crucial to the development of the survivors because he was willing to go where otheā€¦

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