• Markf78
    • The story behind Jacob & his brother's "Mother"? How did she get to the island? (i don't think we'll get this answer but i'm curious what her story is now.)
    • How did Jacob's brother know how to build the wheel?
    • How did "Mother" decimate Jacob's brother's camp, his people, and the well in such a short amount of time?
    • How is the Smoke Monster able to turn into the likeness of Jacob's brother when clearly Jacob's brother's body became the skeleton in the cave?
    • How can Jacob now see his brother after this transformation?
    • Why couldn't Jacob see the image of his mother?

    what am i forgetting...?

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  • Markf78

    finding the island...

    March 11, 2010 by Markf78

    so ben & the losties needed faraday's mother's help to get back to the island via a plane crash because they couldnt find it... well, how is charles widmore able to find it (twice)? and how was ben able to leave/come back with the submarine with the others? but now he couldn't (as he had to travel with the losties via the plane crash)?

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