Ok, I will begin by saying that I think “What They Died For” was a fantastic episode, as good as any I’ve seen. This episode was filled with so many great moments; I hardly know where to begin. We saw all that was rising beginning to converge, and it was epic, as I have no doubt the finale will be. I’m honestly baffled by the complaints I’m seeing on Lostpedia today. As I’ve said before, there are some people here who WILL NOT BE SATISFIED NO MATTER HOW IT ENDS; hence the title of this blog. I feel sorry for those people, because they are missing out. If you ARE one of those people, then this blog is probably not for you.

So many great moments, I just want to mention a few of my favorites. First, I feel terrible for Sawyer. Even though Jack tried to comfort him, it’s plain that Sawyer feels at least partly responsible for the deaths of Sun, Jin, and Sayid. The irony is that Sawyer IS partly responsible for their deaths, and has made little Ji Yeon an orphan…which is exactly what Anthony Cooper did to him. In essence, Sawyer has taken on the role of the man who ruined his own life; thus the circle closes.

I loved the scene of Jacob’s little pow-wow with the remaining candidates. I felt that our Losties were asking some of the right questions of Jacob, and I loved Jack stepping up to the plate to be the replacement, as I knew he would…it’s ALWAYS been about Jack. Although, I feel that the cut on FST Jack’s neck may be an omen of doom for FST Jack; perhaps a sacrifice will be required of him there. I’ll get into that more in a minute…

More great “Holy shit!” moments: Richard getting steamrolled by the monster (I don’t think he’s dead yet), Zoe’s death (slash to the throat, foreshadowing trouble for FST Jack, maybe?), Ben returning to form and murdering Widmore (“He doesn’t get to save his daughter!”)…lots of good stuff, and even better stuff going on in the FST.

This episode had my favorite FST scenes yet, or at least it’s tied with “Happily Ever After” for best FST. Desmond…the failsafe, the wild card, the man to whom the rules do not apply…so great seeing him doing his thing, bringing things together for the FST Losties. The best part is that he seems to be enjoying it so much…like he knows that everything is going to be fine, no matter what. I absolutely loved the scene with Kate and Sayid in the paddywagon, and I nearly jumped out of my chair when Ana Lucia (she’s not ready yet) freed them all. And of course I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw that big yellow Hummer drive up. Anyone want to bet that we’ll be seeing Daniel, Charlie, and Eloise (and probably a lot more familiar faces) at the concert?

I’m feeling very strongly that the FST is where our Losties will ultimately end up. It’s not just that Desmond is the failsafe; the whole FST is the failsafe, too. This is where our characters can have new lives, but at the same time Desmond is ensuring that all of the memories and relationships, all of the love and human connections they’ve made with each other will still be intact. Those who have died on the island live on in the FST; it is their happily ever after…except for Jack. The cut on his neck is troublesome, and I fear that for Jack to take over for Jacob in the OT, he may have to die in the FST. Similarly, Desmond still has to make his “sacrifice” in the OT for everything to come out OK. I’m not sure how it will all come together, but this is the feeling I get.

Suffice it to say, I loved the episode, and I feel sorry for all the people who are still clamoring for answers, looking for scientific explanations to the island’s mysteries. Among the many other themes of the show, LOST has always been about “science vs. faith”, and now that we’re reaching the end, we are learning that in LOST, just as in life, science does not have all the answers. Some things have to be taken on faith.

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