Just a quick observation after rewatching LA X hoping to get some feedback/thoughts...When Kate and company are carrying Sayid through the Temple's underground, just before they get snatched by the Temple dwellers, you hear what seems to be The Whispers. Now we haven't heard much of The Whispers except season one, just small snippets in an episode or two each other season (unless I am mistaken. This is one of the oldest mysteries of the show and most intriguing of the first season. But I now feel that these people are the source of these sounds. I always thought the whispers were from souls trapped on the island, but now think its the Island dwellers protecting/securing the island. This is a mystery I hope gets resolved and I feel this is the start of answering the questions of who the whispers are and what is their purpose? Did anyone else hear this and have the same thoughts? Anyone have already established theories of what the whispers are?

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