Two points that I would like to hear what some other people think:

First, when Lock appeared out of the jungle when Ben summoned the monster he seemed to have knowledge he didn't possess before. Some people are already jumping to the conclusion that Locke is the smoke monster. It's kind of a Clark Kent/Superman effect; wherever Superman is, Clark is nowhere to be seen. I disagree with this point and believe a more plausible solution. Doesn't it make more sense that Locke visited Jacob's Cabin to see Christian or Jacob? I know it may be fun to say he is smokey, but Locke has gotten information this way before. Anyone agree with me?

Another thing: When Llana started her "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" nonsense, didn't it seem as though she and the other two men had a crazed look in their eyes? Is it possible they got infected by the sickness? Which basically means they have become Others in a way. Think about it, who are the only people that would know the answer to that question: THE OTHERS! They could have been taken to the Temple and seen the picture of the smoke monster underneath the Egyptian god (Anubis I think?) We know that this is where it drug Rousseu's friend and where Ben became an Other, so it makes sense that they witnessed this engraving. So when anyone becomes an Other, they stand underneath this picture and the experience is so shocking, anyone that is an Other would know the answer. This could maybe even explain why the monster didn't come and judge Ben right away, it was busy with Llana and her two friends. Something is up with those people and it isn't just what is inside that box (although I have no ideas at all what could be in there). They definitely appeared different in quite a strange way, like they were possessed.

I think I have made a pretty strong case on these two points, so please, SOMEONE AGREE WITH ME!!

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