In Some Like it Hoth, there's scene where Sawyer walks in his house and Juliet and Jack are talking. Well, Juliet is wearing a red shirt and that just leads me to ask: Is she gonna bite the dust next episode? In next episode's preview, Daniel does say, "Anyone of us can die". So that makes me believe that someone is gonna get the ax real soon. So...does this costuming act as a foreshadowing to her demise? The shirt is kind of slapping you in the face when I rewatched it.

Here's a quick theory of how it goes down: Roger is all fired up and ultimately blames Juliet for Ben's disappearance. Some type of confrontation goes down and Juliet's brand is going to be discovered. Dharma will conclude she is an Other, and then...BANG...Juliet is no more. Or someone just simply discovers her brand. (THIS BRAND HAS TO COME INTO PLAY AT SOME POINT, AT I REALLY THINK THIS IS IT.) I know Roger is mad at Kate, but Juliet is the one who was supposed to be in charge of watching him. This even makes me ponder a little more about the "She looks just like her" line that is said to Ben in Season 3.

What are some people's opinions on this? If you rewatch that scene, you will understand how apparent it is that she is wearing a redshirt. It just sticks out in the scene against the yellowish background of the Dharma barracks. Gonna make the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle take an interesting turn for the last season if this is so!

    • Note**

For anyone unfamilair about the redshirt theory: In season one, Boone said to Locke that in Star Trek, anyone wearing a redshirt was the next person to die in the series.

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