It is common for sports franchises to have "Fan Appreciation Day" at the last home game of the season and free giveaways are given out to all who attend, like a bobblehead figurine. Well, this season should be somewhat of a "Fan Appreciation Season" for all us Losties. We are the ones who have made this show what it is; and this site is a testament to our devotion. So I am just putting it out there that I feel underappreciated so far. I think the writers are purposefully playing games with us so far and I do not find any humor in it whatsoever. I think they decided to start the season off this slow and uneventful so they can laugh at our frustration. I do feel that soon enough, their teasing will stop and the season will eventually get moving, but until then I am going to be resentful. We should be appreciated a bit more for giving the creators, producers, writers and whomever else has gotten rich and recognized off this show.

I know there are plenty of people out there who are frustrated, but does anyone else share my feeling of being underappreciated? And if anyone is reading this who is somehow part of the LOST production crew, I am waiting for my complimentary Smoke Monster bobble-head!

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