The cover of the book Jacob was reading before Locke fell to his "death" had a picture of a dove being stabbed in the chest. Although the book, which is a collection of short stories, apparently has religious themes, maybe the cover was passing along a message. A dove is commonly a symbol of the holy spirit and since it was being stabbed in the heart, is that saying something about Jacob and what Ben did to him? Is Jacob the embodiment of the holy spirit and will end of being a Jesus-like figure? The fact the Ajira flight referenced John 3:16 also makes me wonder about this. Like is Jacob the reincarnated version of Jesus and he now resides on the island caught in a struggle between good and evil; stuck there until the end he and his enemy speak of? Not that I actually think this will come to fruition, but the fact a dove was being stabbed in the chest really makes me think that was to symbolize Jacob's fate.

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