After Dead is Dead I came to the conclusion that Ben is the lesser of the two evils between he and Charles. I feel Charles made some choices in his past that were not in sync with the island's desires. His corporation is proof enough of that and the fact he was kicked off the island for starting a family with an outsider backs it up. I read one blog today that pointed out Widmore is probably the one responsible for the Purge, and I agree! On the other hand, Ben is humanized (well, just a bit!) when he spares Alex and Charlie Hume. I know Ben killed Locke, but his explanation was right on target of why I thought he did it in the first place. He needed info from Locke, but needed him dead also. So he wasn't going to talk him back into the noose? Also, although Alex had her issues with Ben, she didn't disown him like Penny has to Widmore. Is anyone else convinced that Charles will be the villain in the end and Ben will be a loyal follower of Locke--well, as loyal as he can be?

P.S. How happy did Ben not seem when he told Locke it let him live? Didn't look to happy knowing he was taking orders for the rest of his life.

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