• Man In White

    Hi, Im new to wiki so this is my first post.

    I think that MiB is really the protector of the island, not Jacob. Mother had a plan all along to make MiB the protector but fooled Jacob in the process as well. Mother said she favored MiB but he wanted to leave the island. So she lead Jacob to believe he was the protector so he could throw him into the light, turning him into the smoke monster, the protector. I think the light is the way the candidate turns into the protector. So mother must of been a smoke monster as well. Thats how she destroyed MiB's village. So when MiB killed her she said thank you because she was relieved of her duties. Jacob was just a pawn in her plan. Thats why MiB cant leave the island but Jacob can because he isn't t…

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