• Man Behind the Curtain

    Despite the fact that Widmore told Locke "there is a war coming, and if you're not there, the wrong side will win," the only character in the series that suggested the Oceanic 6 actually bring Locke's corpse back to the Island was Eloise. Though I won't in this blog comment on my issues with her character as whole, it's worth noting that she seemed to know what she was doing regarding getting everyone back the Island via Ajira 316.

    The question is -- was the fact that Locke's body served as a vessel for Man in Black and the completion of his "loophole" something that Eloise knew about, considered, and helped orchestrate? Or was that simply a terrible consequence that she did not see coming?

    Perhaps this ties into the thought floating around…

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  • Man Behind the Curtain

    I have seen a lot of episode ranking posts, so I apologize if this seems redundant. That said, I have recently completed my re-watch of the entire series, and wanted to jot down my top 15 favorites (10 just wasn't enough) and some brief thoughts on the top 10 selections while this was still fresh in my mind. So, feel free to post your own, rip me for my picks :) or discuss however you see fit. Here goes nothing:

    • 1. "The Man Behind the Curtain" (S320)
    There's a reason this is my profile name -- it's my favorite episode! This episodes shows us: DHARMA living on the Island for the first time, as well as their demise, the first Ben flashback, the first sign that Richard is ageless, and gives us what is arguably still the most puzzling sequence …
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  • Man Behind the Curtain

    Howdy, Folks.

    I am in the middle of my Season 5 rewatch (having started from the beginning this past June), and I am now convinced that both Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking are on the same side as Jacob's Nemesis.

    • Point 1- Nemesis represents fate and pre-determinism (and so does Hawking) vs. Jacob's free will and choice. Nemesis says "it always ends the same." Eloise is the foremost voice on the show regarding destiny, making sure events happen as they are "supposed to," and pushing people in the directions of their "fate."
    • Point 2- Both Eloise and Widmore want Locke back on the Island after he turns the wheel. As Widmore states, "if you are not there, the wrong side will win." To me, it's no coincidence that once Locke gets there, he beco…
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