in season 5 we saw the MIB requesting richard to take him to see jacob since he was the new leader, but didn't the MIB already know where Jacob was? as the jacob told him in the season finale of season 5, that he will be right here, at the statue (well when you do, i'll be right here)......also when the MIB used richard as his loophole, he knew where to send him, so everything points to the MIB already knowing where to find Jacob. Yet in season 5 we get the impression that he DIDN'T KNOW which is why he was asking richard to take him, and why he got slightly irritated when both Ben and Richard were taken aback at his request, remember how he responded, saying: is this true richard, is this going to be a problem? i am the leader now right? good, then i'd like you take me to see jacob can you do that? fantastic.........also when they arrived at the statue he didn't seem to excited by it, as he told richard, that's just a foot! so what happened, did jacob move out of the temple later on?

or was this all an act, that he was pretending, so richard wouldn't notice anything, and would truly believe that he was john locke....if so, what was the point then? Why in the world would the MIB want richard, and a large group of the others to go with him to see jacob? surely the safer option would have been to simply take ben on his own, why take the risk of taking richard and the others? was this all to completely rub it right into jacob's face?

i just don't get it, and it's these kind of issues that are really annoying from my point of view, stuff like this could have been addressed by the lost writers, but none of it was, and it feels like there are a lot of holes, and it's us the fans who have to come up with a consistent story for it to make sense, but I don't want my own answers, I would prefer an official one from the story itself, to provide some CLOSURE.

I'm sure many other fans won't care and wouldn't even notice, but for us lostpedia fans, who are really into this show, and into all the fine details, stuff like this matters a lot.

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