I have a theory.Call me crazy for going out on such a thin limb, and feel free to amputate it. But Widmore's speech to John in "TLADOJB" didn't convince me one bit. Quite the opposite. Richard (one of the few characters we haven't seen lie)tells Locke "Your're gonna have to die, John." So if nearly every character thematically lies (its like a running gag how much blatant lying the characters do)we can accept that its a logical step to assume Richard isn't lying when he tells John this.In addition Christian Shephard seems to concure with this, when John recounts that Richard said he had to die, stating "That's why they call it sacrifice." So when John tells Widmore what Richard had said about him dying Widemore says "I'm not going to let that happen" it becomes much more ominous if we thoerize that Widmore doesn't want John to die, this much is true, because dying will be the catalyst for John's ressurection, and a powerful John Locke fullfilling some type of Jesus Christ prophecy, is something Widemore cannot allow. Ben is really still the good guy, playing the role of Judas and moving from the metaphorical catalyst of Jesus' ressurection to the role of direct catalyst for John's "second coming".John couldn't die before Ben knew where to take the body, in order to ressurect him. This why it became necessary to convince John not to kill himself, but then John told Ben who they'd have to see straight away.Ben basically panicing "Some times good command decisions are compromised by bad emotional responses" killing John knowing that this would be the quickest easiest way to accomplish John's death, so that John could be brought back and save the island.

Whadda ya think? Lemme know.

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