• Magus Perdé

    What's bothering me

    February 17, 2010 by Magus Perdé

    There's something bothering me about the alternative timeline.If you wanna read, please pay attention, because it's complicated.

    1. Ok. A common time travel theory is that when someone goes back in time, they actually go back to an alternative universe's past, so they can do whatever the hell they want there, because it won't change a thing in their universe. So: Person A lives in Universe 1. A wants to go back in time to change event X. When A travels back, he/she actually goes to Universe 2. There, A prevents event X. So, in Universe 2, event X never happens, and Universe 2's timeline is different from Universe 1, which remains UNALTERED.


    One could say: Oh, 77's Losties act…

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  • Magus Perdé

    I know guys, I know it's been overly discussed. But just one last comment on the reset possibility:


    I mean, Jack said to Eloise that if they succeeded, she would never murder her own son, it would all change. But, what the hell? If they do change the timeline by creating, say, an alternate universe (like the new Star Trek movie), still, things would change only AFTER the explosion. The timeline would split into a new timeline only after the changing point: the jughead. So, Eloise would still kill Daniel, who would've come from the "prime" Lost universe.

    And I still don't buy alternate universe. I still think they would try to alter the timeline of their own universe and fail. Because whatever happened, happened.

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  • Magus Perdé

    The Statue and Births

    January 25, 2010 by Magus Perdé

    If the statue is Twaret's and this is the goddess of birth... I wonder if the pregnancy problems on the island have anything to do with its destruction?

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  • Magus Perdé

    Hi folks,

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I've had little time to keep up with the posts.

    But, waiting for the last season and the premiere (LA X), I can't help but fear that they really altered the time line. To me, there are lots of evidence that they didn't. I'd like to know what you guys think.

    First off, Eloise reminded Widmore that it was also difficult for her to have sent Daniel back to the Island, "knowing" what was going to happen: she called it a sacrifice. (I can't recall which episode was this, I think it was "The Variable"). She was quite emotive. Later, we find out that she accidentally killed her own son. So, if by traveling back in time, one can alter the time line, Daniel's very presence on the island in the 1970s wou…

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  • Magus Perdé

    Jack Candidate

    June 30, 2009 by Magus Perdé


    I was thinking about the role of Jack (despite not liking him very much, I think he will have a big part to play in the next season) and then I remembered Ilana talking about Frank being a candidate. A Candidate to what?

    Since Jacob is (presumably) dead, perhaps a new Jacob is needed (to fight Nemesis?). Then it came to me that Jack and Jacob are related names. I did some research and found (you can go to wikipedia if you wannt) :

    "Jack" came from "Jakke" which was related to the name "Jan" (John) or "Jehan." All these possibly came from the French "Jacques," which relates to the names James and Jacob.

    So, maybe JACK is going to be the new Jacob? Or Sawyer?

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