• Magicbyben

    Charlotte Malkin

    May 19, 2010 by Magicbyben

    Just a question! under the mysteries section of Lostpedia it still has Charlotte as being a mystery. Yeah she died and came back to life but thats not really a mystery is it? I am certain that it will not be answered in the 2.5 hours we have left and it seems strange that we still have that listed as partially solved. The only question about her would be how she came back to life..but is that really a mystery that pertains to the lost universe?

    And the same for Cindy, but that has basically been answered. She was probably captured to take care of Zach and Emma. The others stated that they kidnapped the kids to give them a better life, and probably kidnapped her to take care of the kids as she is seen taking care of them in Seasons 3 and 6.


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  • Magicbyben

    So Tuesday's episode will probably be very interesting..All of the losties with the exception of Jin, Miles, and Alpert are together again and I think some pretty cool conversations might take place

    ex: Jack telling Claire that he is her brother

    or Sun giving Claire Charlies DS ring

    What do you guys think?

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