• Maggiore7

    I think Sawyer and Juliet will end up stuck on the island in the past as “Adam and Eve”. They’ve tried several times to leave before, but never quite made it off:

    - Juliet forced to stay on island by Ben until work is done.

    - Sawyer fails to leave island in raft with Michael, Walt, and Jin.

    - Juliet fails to leave island with Jack in sub.

    - Sawyer fails to leave island with Oceanic 6 in helicopter.

    - Sawyer convinces Juliet to stay on the island and not leave with the sub.

    - Sawyer and Juliet will fail to leave island again in sub b/c probably Kate talks them into going back to stop Jack, b/c otherwise they will never be together.

    I think that Sawyer and Juliet are destined to never leave the island. In fact they will probably end up going back i…

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