Hello Lostpedia~

I have been following and trying to follow your long journey to what is considered the most stable source of information for LOST.

Having said... I do have a bit of a concern in regards to the entire storyline and flowchart of the whole show.

Up until this point (as of 2/26/09), the most basic questions have not been answered rather... It is becoming a spectical of discussion to "assume" that the question should not be concerned... I beg the differ.

Q: Who found the island before the DHARMA?


1. "others" have been on the island and have been living and among other things, most of them do not leave the island.

2. For some reason either Jacob or Man in Black (can someone come up with better name than this please...) does not want anyone to leave the island and when they do... It is always, "you have to go back to the island."

Clearly, if Jacob or Man in Black for that matter wanted candidates to come to the island, it would not be a sound barrier weilding high tech base on the island. So who is it?

Discoveries and legends of the island sought out by treasure hunters? Doubtful... Someone dedicated enough to search for this island because they were "kicked out" or "left behind" by the island; maybe...

But someone did find the island. And same someone understands what island does.** With enough of us thinking toward the question, we should be able to come up with something much more tangible than "someone" for the founder.

Not only would this answer why man in black had to wait up until 2007 to have Ben move the island / kill Locke to take his form to kill Jacob (seemingly dead since only few people can see Jacob...)

  • It would be very nice approach to have had this question querried earlier in the season but I didn't want to ruin the series loving fans to shame me into logic and claim my witchhunt as hatred for the series...

I only gathered these words since we know that this is the final season, and I wanted to clear my mind off few struggling questions that linger in my mind. *

    • Who ever knew the island (before dharma etc etc) also knew the others, jacob, Man in Black, and all the mysteries damn near mythical presentations of island. They knew how to counter act jacob/Man in Black, others and even get around the others and field out their acts though Dharma research... At one point, ready to bomb the island at the moment of critical failure. Not just a bomb... A H-Bomb to wipe the island out of existance. So why is it that all of the lost episodes are hushed to the beyond of their oceanic flight crews for the questions that demand the attention it deserves? Does it make sense to just magically have found an island where you don't die? Except... the freaking thing moves? And only few people in the world can find and know that it exists?

Q: At which point does the timeline (explosion in 1977 to moving of the island by ben in 2007) actually self correct the continuum of present timeline?

stick with me on this... this gets quarky in a hurry

current timeline:

past (black rock) - roussau - dharma - 815 crash - oceanic 6 leave island - Ben moves island - oceanic 6 return with more oceanic crew - go back in time in 1977 - blows up island - comes back present after coming back with more people

new timeline with a bomb: (extended by my queue "+")

past (black rock) - roussau - dharma [blows up island - if not by Juliet assuming H-bomb went off by other source] + Ben moves island from current timeline above effecting the island to surface to cause 815 crash - oceanic 6 leave island - Ben moves island (with all due respect this is the only quantum event where the island physically disappear, few may argue what about Locke and his moving of the wheel. Yet the move did not effect bloody nose or any side effects of time travel.) - oceanic 6 return with more oceanic crew - go back in time in 1977 - blows up island - comes back present after coming back with more people

what about new and extended version or happier version of timeline:

past etc etc etc - 815 does not crash - happy for everyone - then other oceanic flight leading into landing on the island (without Jin and all the other same circumstances we see on the series) - other alt senario followes yet retruning to - comes back present after coming back with more people

Time itself self corrects in the spectrum of indefinite infinity. The reason Julie in her afterlife state said "it worked," struck me that although their act of blowing up the island back in 1977 may not have saved everyone's current displacement back to present 2007, Their happier version may even missed the flights altogether leaving them up until the another oceanic flight or even their natural death that triggered their return to the island back to 2007. Since Juliet is not limited to physical continuum of time, her cognition presented window of Her and James' happy future. So it worked. (Although I will not discredit the idea once you are on the island and moving at different space/time her death is a mere slip and displacement and cannot effect her life. Or any of the other passengers lives.)

Having said such... There seems to be a definite loop in time for the island. For some reason, the timeline on the island is not moving forward, rather looping on the events of destruction of the island by any method and moving of the island to counter act such destruction. What troubles the island itself is perhaps continuation of repeating this destruction by all means (even earthquake and tsunami, even alien invasion if it needs to be)and displacing the island itself to preserve the island from being destoyed.

Destruction of any material object is inevitable in spectrum of present. But veering away from certain destruction is possible if infact it can be avoided by displacing time itself.

By now the question arises... For what purpose then is this processing being created for?

If in fact he/she/they or them(jacob/man in black) serves as chosen to witness the final end and creation of new timeline. What better way cronicle and guideline to find the exact sources and conditions for final end and creation of new timeline to(I hope I am not hitting a nerve for those religious lost followers...) duplicate the results in various time displacements perfecting existance of present. As in original timeline's true present. Knowing how and why it will end the way it is and how it can be created is the ultimate goal of traveling through time. Why else would it be even remotely feasible to keep utilities such as others who are collections of different timeline to reflect the cronicle and findings of their individual time displacement? Rather... What better way to interact with new present timeline people to be reflected by the "others" counter part: ie Ben the teacher vs Ben in the others.

I hope I didn't lose too many of you following my train of thought. But I hope to see the end of the entire season with almost all of you devoted fans and hopefully, just like most of you I'd get my answers... Hopefully Lost team don't pull David Lynch on us and have Jack look at the mirror chanting "how is claire..." Oh the humanity

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