I have no actual evidence of this happening or have heard nothing from spoilers I just think it would make sense and would be a great way to start the season.

Extra Long Shot: It is night and there is a giant storm at sea. The camera pans over the raging waters and we see a ship in the distance. Close Up: On the ship, we see crew members fighting for their lives to keep the ship from capsizing. However, none of the crew members faces are shown. Then, the camera finds its way to the wheel of the ship, which is being dramatically turned by the captain in order to face this storm. The ship is the Black Rock, and as the camera moves up the wheel it reveals that the captain is Richard Alpert. Long Shot: We see the entirety in the ship as it is fighting the torrential storm, when all of a sudden a bright light comes over and an Island pops up, right underneath the ship. The clouds clear and we can see the crew members looking frightened at the island that appeared around them. Black Background, and a white word zooms it and comes into focus:


Thought it'd be cool, let me know what you think.

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