So, I’m continuing my re-watch and I finished Season 3. And there are some things about Lost that I’m pretty sure about. 

First, the 815 survivors definitely are being manipulated by visions and apparitions by someone or some two. Also, Echo’s death by the monster confirms us that the apparitions of the dead family members are not the real family members. After, the producers told us that this was a form of the monster.

Secondly, the deaths of key characters like Charlie, Echo, Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia and Libby seemingly arrive when they have made peace with themselves which makes them no longer an asset to be ‘‘manipulated’’. For example, when Shannon truly falls in love with Sayid or when Echo confronts the vision of his dead brother and if you think about it, the reason Locke was easily manipulated on and off the Island is because of his stubbornness, his constant guilt for his actions and his fear of deceiving others and himself. It seems that once a character has no longer these three criteria, they end up dead or more likely killed. If I take Shannon’s death for example, it’s either Jacob or his Nemesis that had her killed since either one of them is manipulating the dog (deleted scene from the Pilot part 1, ‘‘Jacks dad’’ tells the dog to wake him up because he had work to do…)

Thirdly, if you accept point one and two then the idea of the real life chess game between Jacob and his Nemesis is very likely. A “chess game’’ (Jacob vs. Nemesis) in a “chess game’’ (Ben vs. Widmore) in a “chess game’’ (Jack vs. Locke). Although, ultimately the two last ones has been created by the first.

Fourthly, Richard Alpert, either he’s an impostor and working for the Nemesis or very naïve because he’s been working and helping basically everyone that are and were against Jacob. Or he knows all along what’s going and playing stupid.

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