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    Lost Wigs

    January 11, 2010 by Machine of God

    Is it me or Lost failed on the wigs... It was kinda annoying throughout my re-watch. So I'll ask you this: Who had the worst wig job? (Wigs may include fake beards, coloration, etc.)

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  • Machine of God
    So, I’m continuing my re-watch and I finished Season 3. And there are some things about Lost that I’m pretty sure about.

    First, the 815 survivors definitely are being manipulated by visions and apparitions by someone or some two. Also, Echo’s death by the monster confirms us that the apparitions of the dead family members are not the real family members. After, the producers told us that this was a form of the monster.

    Secondly, the deaths of key characters like Charlie, Echo, Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia and Libby seemingly arrive when they have made peace with themselves which makes them no longer an asset to be ‘‘manipulated’’. For example, when Shannon truly falls in love with Sayid or when Echo confronts the vision of his dead brother and…

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  • Machine of God

    From the get go of Lost I've done some background research on every character’s family name. My favorite was Hugo Reyes. One of the results for his family name was the REYES rendering. Here what this is:

    Reyes rendering is a computer software architecture used in 3D computer graphics to render photo-realistic images. It was developed in the mid-1980s by Loren Carpenter and Robert L. Cook at Lucasfilm's Computer Graphics Research Group, which is now Pixar[1]. It was first used in 1982 to render images for the Genesis effect sequence in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. Pixar's PhotoRealistic RenderMan is one implementation of the Reyes algorithm. According to the original paper describing the algorithm the Reyes image rendering syst…

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  • Machine of God
    Again, I will be precautious by saying that this might contain spoilers (it will actually) and I am sorry in advance if this has already been discussed.
    So! What is the monster? First, I will try to explain the functions and the inspirations of its fictional existence through astonishing literal resemblances a bit like my previous post on Adam and Eve. And then, hopefully this can open up a discussion on further theories leading to a somewhat complete bigger picture.

    Now, I’m still re-watching the Lost Seasons. As the monster appears, I have a flash. He he he… You know… A flash… Anyways, in my flash was the scene when (Disney’s) Aladdin first meets the Genie (you know with the smoke…). I actually seriously look this up further for a possib…

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  • Machine of God

    I know there's been a lot posts on this, maybe I'm retarded (time-wise) but I think I know who it is (not to say figured out because it’s pretty much kinda based on in your face facts). So anybody that doesn’t want to know who it is should stop reading this or not because my theory is irrelevant to the whole spectrum of Lost (at least to as far as we know which is quite vague).

    So! I’m re-watching Season 1 with the intention of re-watching all of the seasons of course (which I did maybe 5 or 6 times). I’m at Season 1 disc 2, episode ‘‘House of the Rising Sun’’. No matter how many theories I’ve read or eared, what I’ve realized while re-watching this episode made my mind up and I may know why I haven’t realized this before.

    Now, who are Adam …

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